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Victory over the stronger enemy provides vertical development guaranteeing new opportunities, and victories over the weaker enemies lead to horizontal development, enhancing your current combat potential.

1 Horizontal development maximizes your existing capabilities constantly giving grounds to enjoying the growth of numerical parameters. Maximizing of stats this way is not the decisive factor in the battle. So horizontal development is not taken into account when finding the PVP opponent corresponding to you

2 Vertical development enhances the range of your capabilities and is therefore more important. Vertical development is expressed in the form of LevelUps, and there are only 15 of them. Gaining a new level is the result of risky fights with a superior enemy. Each new level is a great achievement and an occasion to adjust your combat tactics.

3 Level Up gives you an extra slot for the abilities used in battle. Abilities in the DNA system act differently. By the principle of action, they are similar to the cards in the Hearthstone deck, but they are applied in real-time battles. Therefore, number, synergy, ratio and value of abilities are the backbone of DNA system.

4 Multi-class development assumes that each third level you select one more subclass for your character. The whole role-playing system is revealed to you slowly and does not require depth study before starting the game. You can initially choose the obvious way to develop your character and later try more sophisticated, but also balanced strategy.

Role-Playing system

Destroyer - class (1/18)

* Balance constraints and features

Multiclass of the character can include up to 3 classes and 5 subclasses

At the first level you get 3 slots for abilities, and at 15th - 18 slots

Number of abilities is 2 times as many as available slots, giving you the opportunity to change your tactics according to the situation.

The more slots are filled with the abilities of the same characteristic, the less expensive their usage is

The more slots are filled with the abilities of the same class, the higher the respawn rate is

Characteristics may be increased only to a value limited by the relevant subclass Tier: Third Tier allows 4 points, Second Tier - up to 6 points, and First Tier - finally enables 7 points

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