No superfluous elements - everything can be used in creating a winning strategy. All meta-subsystems in the game affect the outcome of battles: synergy of abilities, creative crafting, surface generation and tactical improvements. Turn experience in practical advantage.


do not ignore diversity
of opportunities

Share with your friends the joy of discovery of advantages from the interaction of objects and events, and apply these effects against your enemies


The whole world is a sandbox arena for improving combat skills in PvE. Create your territory yourself to use its advantages in PvP battles. Get ready - the semi-intelligent planet will try to create difficulties especially for you.


do not look back
to stay focused

The constantly changing world is weakening or strengthening your hope to survive and complete the mission preceding your progress, achievements and rewards


Teamwork, synergy of opportunities, a variety of possible tactics and balance for necessary dynamics The new mechanics, in order to give you brand new ways and styles of play that you have not experienced before. Develop your ability to win endlessly to attain incredible power.


do not underestimate
joint efforts

Improve your tactics with friends to turn rapacious reality in your favor and use attacks of opponents against themselves

Everyone has his own reason to be on the planet. Only a few have chosen this fate willingly. The planet is dying, shrouded by abnormal storms. Descend upon the surface or leave it - is a challenge. To fulfill the mission and return, you have to retain consciousness in the chain of deaths and rebirths.

Descendants of mankind are struggling for survival in the last days of the universe. Over the millennia of shared history, nations have united in a common zero space in a single stream of time to establish the Circle of law. The Circle of law is the portion of the universe protected from those who are expelled beyond.


The use of ancestors’ technology has filled the reality of the descendants with the paradoxical anomalies. Unimaginable threats brought to reality became a retribution for the technological superiority and idle life. People trying to take advantage of the paradoxes were called apostates.


The apostates were outlawed, but their number has been growing so that they have become a major internal threat to the integrity of the Circle of law. Entire nations can be expelled from the safe zone due to accusations of apostasy and their home planets were destroyed. Destruction of the central chrono-core of a planet led to the side effects – anomalies saturate substance of the world with the most valuable resources.


In order to ensure that resources have not disappeared with the planet, the Supreme lords of the universe created a special corps of Warsmiths. Warsmiths supervised the destruction of condemned planets and transfer of resources to the rulers of The Circle of law.


Those few exiled for apostasy, who had previously supported the quantum processes of creation of items necessary for the descendants' life, could be enrolled in the ranks of Warsmiths. The reward for the endless battle in extremely harsh environments - the opportunity to return home with a withdrawal of charges.


Many of the innocents decided to reclaim their right to be a resident of the Circle of law at all accounts and to return home to save their families from harassment. These heroes are destined to determine the fate of their followers, friends and the entire universe.


Treasures of dying planets became the gravity center for the forces from across the universe. Also not all the inhabitants have left their native words. Having become a Warsmith, you have to confront unimaginable threats you have never experienced before because you are taking part in the global war against the apostates and the planet itself wants your downfall.


Though, as the game progresses, you will unlock the secrets that will give you another look at the events surrounding you. You'll get the opportunity to discover the real causes of what is happening with the descendants and the universe.


The new combat mechanics

Customization of landing area

Massive battles with mercenaries

The deep role-playing system

Creative crafting of space suit

The mystery of exploration

Advanced PVP, and team play

Survival in extremely harsh conditions

System of coherent animations

Enemies are unwilling to die

Management of seized territories

Narrative mechanics and quests

Awake from an aimless
dream and guide us

Create a character and land on a unique location. On the doomed planet under the influence of anomalies arise the most valuable resources in the universe. You have to find and protect these treasures, and having extracted send them to the space station. Explore the area and fight, establish control over lands, strengthen your possession, use resources and mercenaries, negotiate with the residents - do not let the semi-intelligent planet, groups of apostates and other players to banish you.

All players land on the same planet, but in different parts of it. Each landing place is unique, and having died, you will not be able return there again.Remember, your success depends on the ability to turn any situation to your advantage. The whole planet - is a testing ground for improving your skills and creation of your own unique fighting style.

The stronger and more powerful you become, the more important and more dangerous will be your mission. Influence among other players will also grow. You will be able to meet other Warsmiths - to join or challenge them. The longer you can stay on the planet, the greater your reward and benefit of your clan.

Enigmatic heroes
Develop your unique
system to win

So you can immediately rush into battle and not get lost in the diversity of role-playing system, thinking over the perfect progression for your character. Decide on a hero close in spirit to you. And then experiment with the mechanics, equipment and abilities to create the most optimal build for your hero. The whole game is a proving ground for your ideas to create the most powerful champion.Your character got into an extreme situation, and must learn to do something he had not done before. You will encounter many discoveries, before you turn into the one who is destined to affect the fate of the universe.

Whoever you were before, now you have to become a warrior and leader who with the help of his friends and mercenaries will be able to capture and hold any bridgehead needed to win the war against apostates.

More than 100 possible ways of character development, full customization of characteristics and wargear. Multiclass gives you the opportunity to choose up to 5 subclasses, and take advantage of the synergy of combining abilities.

Each character has a purpose on a planet, which interwoven into the the overall tree of characters' quests. The story of the hero will help you better understand the universe of Descendants, and the unique Ulta is complemented by racial features and amplified by the right choice of classes.

alive planet
make your way into collapsing heart of the world

The area of the planet is generated from small plots (lands). Lands randomly combined into a unique landscape and generate a bunch of various interactions with which you have to deal with. The wider the explored area, the more the dangers you have to overcome and the greater the potential reward. Planet - is an important element of the gameplay, which provides a lot of unique strategic and tactical situations.

First, the combat system interacts with the environment of the planet. The unpredictability of locations serves our main priority - the creation of battle sandbox.

Second, land management, construction and narrative quests provide the game with strategic and explorative component. Gameplay requires systemic thinking.

And third, you have at your disposal an open world which transforms not only up with your choice, but also adapts to what is happening to you, to ensure an optimal passing.

Creative crafting
For the first time enjoy the full freedom in creation of wargear

When you can not overcome the enemy, or the resistance of the world - create equipment with which you can - the motto of the blacksmiths. Half of the gameplay is devoted to an epic journey of Warrior, the second half - crafting. Thanks to the unique skills of the quantum smith, you can create whatever you need to survive yourself. All you need - it is abnormal resources that can be extracted from the planet and its inhabitants. You determine the functionality of your armored space suit and its characteristics. The higher your skill, the more powerful your creation. Remember that the abnormal elements have their own will and subjugate them, will not be easy, but if successful, they will take care of your life better than any technology.

Crafting is designed as a mini game that fully enables you to express your creativity. Create a unique survival suit that is optimal for a particular situation. You can also equip your mercenaries with created armor.

The more experienced you become, the more quest assignments for crafting you get. Having coped with the task, the collection of your perks will be replenished with new abilities.

Each of the 36 elements can enhance your armored suit with special feature which is activated in response to a combat situation. Therefore, these passive properties of armor can work in synergy with the tactics of the battle or class abilities.

role-playing sandbox
express yourself in
unique combat style

All the other elements of the game are centered around the role system, which is the core of gameplay. We want to provide all fans of RPGs a brand new role-playing game experience. Within certain limits you provided with an incredibly huge number of possible combinations of changing combat mechanics to create a character, that perfectly matches the style of your playing. Considerable time was spent on the development of this system, taking into account balance, teamwork, counterplay, combat mechanics, synergy of abilities and AI. And we look forward to polish its final version with your help during the Alpha Test.

36 classes (tactics) available to build a multiclass character. Each class has 6 unique abilities that support specific combat tactic. In addition, each ability can act in synergy with a plurality of abilities of other classes.

For us, the balance of role-playing system is not only to ensure the equality of all possible final builds of your characters, but also to set up an exciting and fun battle dynamics.

Weapons, armor, mercenaries, modules and implants, as well as the environment - all this can be used to strengthen the role you chose for character development. You will be able to achieve incredible power and unleash it in massive battles.

Unrepeatable combat
Learn to make tactical decisions and apply skills in real-time

To win you need to gain an advantage in battle and try to apply it more effectively than your opponent. The course of the battle can be changed at any time, through the right tactical decisions. The success of the attacks, techniques and spells is determined automatically, based on the characteristics of the characters. However, tactical decisions about movement, use of abilities and target selection, are dependent from your skill. Due to victories over weak opponents, you can easily raise your rage and morale - the energy expended on the use of their abilities in combat. Appropriate ability turn the vulnerability of even superior enemy into his defeat. The more efficiently you fight, the more energy comes, and therefore, the more dangerous you become. Combat potential of warriors constantly changing, and the stronger will be your opponent at a particular moment, the more experience points for his death you get.

Victory over weak opponents increase the strength of your abilities, and victories over deadly foes lead to the growth of your level, and accordingly new abilities.

Depending on your expertise and skill, you can transfer some or all of you functions of character controls to AI. For example, keep for yourself the choice of used abilities in battle, and movement and selection of targets make automatic.

It is impossible to predict who of battle participants will get an energy advantage, and how will be changed dynamically destructible environments. Therefore one and the same battle with the same starting conditions always end up differently.

we aspire

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