• Ulta - Ranged weapons of Geox have a chance to ignore obstacles and pass through it, provided that the enemy is within visibility zone of any character which is under the cyber mark of Geox. Chance to ignore obstacle increases with the number of characters with the cyber mark.

    " Cyber virus is a good tool to have some fun, unfortunately causes addiction. "From an interview with the first group of test subjects"Technology gives us strength. The strength ensures dominance. Domination leads to abuse "- pattern, which is often referred to Admars, who see paradox in this. Sacred machines of Admars drew strength from the will of their operators are very effective in battle against apostates, and all sorts of enemies of the Circle of Law. Ready to repel any external threat, Admars encountered an unexpected internal danger -The Cyber virus of unknown origin.

    Analysts have declared the critical level of potential hazard, and advised to throw all possible forces to eradicate the virus, paradoxical in nature. Admars as other civilizations of the Circle of Law for many centuries are not faced with the hacking of techno-electronic systems, considering hacking impossible in principle.

    Self-developing super-efficient electronic systems do not have weaknesses in safety systems by definition, but the Cyber virus carriers could ignore that objective fact. The efforts made by the veterans have resulted in the creation of secret order whose goal is to understand the nature and origin of the Cyber virus. Greatest minds have worked hard to find effective means to combat the virus, and reliable way to identify its carriers.

    Research of The Cyber virus was impossible without studying its development within the carrier. Many members of the Order had to go on voluntary contamination. As a result, the Order was destroyed from within. Possibilities and potential which opened to infected ones, has caused many of them to leave the Order, and the few who remained loyal to the ideals of the Order was expelled from the Circle of Law. Geox was one of those who remained faithful to his mission.

    While wandering the worlds located outside The Circle of law and did not find traces of The Cyber virus there, Geox joined Warsmiths to one day return and continue his investigation alone. Being a second stage cyber virus carrier, the Geox assessed his chances to survive in a battle with semi-intelligent planet above average. And in spite of the usefulness of his abilities for the native world, Geox firmly believe that The Cyber virus must be annihilated.

  • Ulta - If health is damaged, there is a chance that on the battlefield will appear Synchrots that will attack everyone. The more wounds will get Starstone and more time restore himself, have escaped death, the greater will be the number of Synchrots.

    " You talk about victory, but I can tell you that our sole chance to survive - never look backward into this darkness. "From meeting minutes of the Brotherhood of PurityStories about the valiant deeds of the Brotherhood of Purity had long been turned into legends, carefully documented and safeguarded by Admars archivists. Stories about the battles with the apostates and the most nightmarish creatures of the cosmos - Synchrots for centuries inspired young men to the exploits. Glory and honor accompanied the famous warrior of the Brotherhood of Purity - the veteran Starstone. The great warrior was unbeaten.

    Young adepts of the brotherhood dreamed of being like him, and the old and experienced ones respected Starstone for his bravery and strength. Starstone was the only one who managed to survive from the whole squad of forwarders in the battle with the most mysterious opponents of the universe. That fragmentary information about Synchrots, collected by Brotherhood adherents, at the cost of their own lives, was priceless.

    Elders of the brotherhood pinned great hopes on Starstone, assuming with his help to develop a strategy to counter the mysterious enemy, and most importantly to understand the motivations of their actions. But their hopes were dashed. Suddenly Starstone left the Brotherhood of Purity and voluntarily joined the Corps of Warsmiths, moved on the doomed planet.

    The head of the Brotherhood of Purity, an old comrade of Starstone did not hold down the friend, having trusted his choice. According to the scant information of archivists, the Brotherhood for millennia patrolled boundaries of orderly universe and it was known for certain that Synchrots forever remembered taste of the soul and regardless of the time and space can follow the trail of the victim.

    It is not known whether the salvation of Starstone was an incredible luck or merit of Champion's mastery. Enemies and envious talk of his deal with Synchrots. Anyway, few dare to accompany Starstone nicknamed «wandering on the verge», in his military campaigns, as his shadowers repeatedly made themselves felt, destroying all who are unfortunate enough to be next to the veteran.

    The fact that the veteran has always remained alive gave rise to even more rumors. Why Starstone fought among seeking redemption combat blacksmiths remained a mystery. Someone thought that he wants to turn his curse against the apostates, bringing down on their heads incredible power of Synchrots, remaining faithful to his oath to protect the Circle of law. And someone thought that his flight is connected with some mysterious purpose that "Wandering on the verge" aspired to fulfill in sentenced to the destruction world.

  • Ulta - in the presence of two different groups of opponents, enemies prefer to attack each other, instead of Glingor, even if they are not at war against each other. The strength of ability depends on the number of opponents.

    " Since the evil is doomed eventually, I do not see any reason to do anything more than to divide it into 2 parts and see how it will destroy itself "Entry from a personal diaryGlingor was once one of the Supreme lords of the universe, but lost everything due to the fact that he was suspected of apostasy and the use of paradoxical abnormalities. The aristocratic elite of Admars, consisting of Lords and illustrious veterans, represents a complex hierarchical ranking system filled with traditions and rigorous militaristic lawbooks. Political intrigues and assassinations perfectly coexisted with dueling Code and the notion of military honor. All this is called the Great Game, and Lord Glingor was considered one of the best of its participants.

    Throughout his very long life, he emerged victorious from all conflicts, cleverly setting up his opponents against each other. Like a puppeteer, he forced his rivals to serve his own interests. The supernatural nature of his success, and arisen rumors about the involvement of Glingor to a number of contract murders, caught the attention of the guardians of the universal order - Legates. Knight of the Great Game was accused of apostasy and the use of paradoxical abnormalities to own advantage. Legates' Court was unable to prove any case, or reveal any apparent involvement of Lord to abuse of chrono force. Legates were also unable to determine the source of indisputable abilities of Lord.

    Glingor was handed over to the court of veterans - Admars severe rulers. The Knight of the Great Game, by the verdict of veterans, was enrolled in the corps of WARSMITHS, as long as the legates will be able to find out the origins of Glingor force. The forces by which, once the usual contemplator of the Circle of Law, was able to gain an incredible influence, and even become one of the Supreme Lords of the ordered universe. Glingor always believed that his abilities should serve his people and voluntarily assumed the burden of the warrior. He went to one of the planets sentenced to destruction, intending to find answers to his questions in the agony of a dying world.

  • Ulta - Aila is the only one who can remove negative conditions from the characters, and even resurrect them. The strength of the ability depends on the amount of biological material collected from the bodies of fallen warriors.

    " Once I was taught that it makes no sense to save someone from a variety of doomed, but now I do not believe in statistics. "From the story of soldier,
    rescued by Aila among thousands
    of others who have remained on the battlefield
    Aila like most Animits did not choose her fate - she was born to serve her people on one of the research spacecrafts. The ship and the crew restored gaps in the Zero space, uniting the nation's of Descendants into the intergalactic community. Her entire life from birth has been focused on the control of self-repairing systems of the ship and proceeded at a superluminal speed. The Upbringing she received justified her existence for a socially useful purpose, which she served together with the crew. But once an accidental event defined her whole future life.

    The ship, which served as her home, suddenly had been attacked. The crew had no time to resist - it all happened too fast. She did not know for sure what happened to the other crew members, but she was the only captive in her new residence. From a hostage of the lifelong mission, Aila has become a prisoner of the mysterious stranger, who single-handedly defeated an experienced team of Animits and their high-tech spacecraft. Time passed and the fear that seized the soul of the girl gradually been replaced with humbleness and a sense of inevitability.

    Mysterious stranger abducted her to change and teach. Aila has undergone training, combined with cybernetic and surgical interventions. Certain procedures have changed her body, perception and abilities. Abductor certainly believed that this impact is justified by the value of his mission. Aila had no idea what the stranger wants to achieve, but his commitment, so highly appreciated by Animits, fascinated her. For lack of an alternative Aila followed the instructions of kidnapper, who more and more evoked some kind of attachment and sympathy in her soul. Aila for the first time felt that someone really needs her.

    From his words she realized that she had to go somewhere, to a meeting with her genuine destiny. Stranger has repeatedly pointedly hinted that their meeting was not accidental. However, the plans of the cosmic wanderer were destined to fail. Legates track him down and after a short pursuit arrested. It turned out that the perpetrator illegally infiltrated the Circle of Law, from the outside. Aila finally found out that the invader, who became her teacher, came from the realm of chaos and turmoil - a shelter for exiled races and other uninvited inhabitants of the universe.

    Aila was freed, but she could not return to her former bleak life, believing that she was born for something greater. After some hesitation, she went to the place where her destiny had to happen, according to the predictions of the kidnapper. Aila found that the coordinates of her aim coincide with the planet condemned to death. The girl had no choice but to join Warsmiths, and for the first time in her life land on the planet.

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