Your goal

You are a warsmith whose duty is to fight in the most dangerous corners of the dying planet. Contribute to the victory in the global war against apostates.

Planet sentenced to destructionsentenced to destruction – entire worlds and nations are sentenced to expulsion when apostasy permeates all levels of society, and the fruits of the paradoxes become unpredictable. Before the threats will become irreversible, nations of the descendants represented by the Legemate relying on stellar crab expel unconvertibles beyond the circle of law. Revived worlds have become a haven for the awakened forces to be destroyed. Ancient technology of one of the descendants races can impair the chrono-core of the planet, thus causing irreversible consequences, leading to the destruction of the planet. is shaking under the blows of natural calamities pouring out from the center of the disaster. Anomalies saturate the surrounding land with valuable elementsElements – Virtually all the equipment of warsmiths: armor, weapons, spaceships and many other technologies of the descendants were created of the elements – the most valuable substance in the universe. Chrono-technologies of the ancestors gave rise to the paradoxes that permeate all of reality of the descendants. The more chrono-effects were used, the higher the contamination with alteorum was. Alteorum is an element that can not exist, but it existed and was connected with everything it could survive in. And the more successful and more stable the compound was, the greater the properties of the alteorum and its will manifested. The most valuable and rare compounds of the alteorum were called the elements. Armor smoothed of the elements and technologies, striving to survive, endow its tamer with incredible properties, and sometimes reach the cost of some planets. But only the strong will give power over the armor, otherwise armor dominates its bearer.. You have to find, seize and protect these treasures from uninvited guests from all over the universe.

Almost the entire planet's atmosphere is overcast with ongoing storm. Fleeting bright intervals are used to airdrop warsmithsWarsmiths – corps of warsmiths is summoned by the grand lords of the universe in order to prevent interference of external forces in the process of planet destruction. Only those can become warsmiths, who has dedicated his life to the quantum control over the creation of the necessary items to people before the exile. Few have chosen this path rejecting the social space in which the descendants are immersed by the fellow, bestowed to them at birth. 3000 days in a ruthless battle and countless deaths and resurrections – that is a blacksmith’s fee to return home and get all the charges removed.. The best of them are competing for the right to land closer to the epicenter of the cataclysmepicenter of the cataclysm – only a few have reached the unstable center of the disaster, and there is no accurate data on what exactly is happening on the verge of collapse of time and space. Those who went to meet with the fate are risking their lives, as the revival is not always possible because of the paradoxes flowing from collapsing chrono-core of the planet. Crystals are the most valuable elements, artifacts of the apostates, the most dangerous of the creatures of the universe – everything imaginable can be found at the verge of death, but wрether all the treasures worth the chance to go home and save the friends – everyone who has touched the latest verge are to decide.. Learn to survive in those harshest conditions, overcoming the limits of your abilities.

Explore the area and fight, establish control over lands, strengthen your possession, use resources and mercenaries, negotiate with the residents - do not let the semi-intelligent planet, factions of apostates, and other players to banish you.


All players land at various parts of the same planet and can meet each other. Each landing area is unique and having died you will be unable to return there again.

Before landing on the planet, you can define the landscape and the complexity of passing that best suits your tactics and the expected reward. From a deck of cards with the lands discovered during your travels, select the ones that best meet your purposes.

The terrain is part of the combat system so planning the landing area an important part of your survival strategy. Remember that your success depends on the ability to turn any situation in your favor. The entire planet - a training ground for improving your skills and creating your own unique fighting style.

With the development of the character, you are moving closer to the center of the planet and its most valuable treasures and artifacts. But the greater your progress, the more negative lands you forced to add to your landing card deck. The complexity of military actions against apostates and the power of the bosses are also increased.


Establish control over a sufficient amount of lands to fix your progress, so the next time to land on the more challenging and thrilling area of the planet.

The more lands you capture and hold, the more harvesters you can set up and shelters for refugees activate. Resources needed for crafting and construction, and mercenaries from refugees enhance your combat capabilities.

You constantly need to maintain a balance between the investigated lands and the ability to control and influence them. Each discovery of a new land could potentially turn into a benefit or a threat.

Each discovered land immediately begins to live its own life in the studied world. The larger uncontrolled territories, the greater the scale of the potential danger, due to the system of interactions between the properties of lands.


Improve your fighting skills, test different strategies and assemble the best wargear in PVE sandbox. Apply gained knowledge in PvP confrontation for the new territories.


Any attempt to set an area control flag leads to meeting with other players relevant to you. Whether you play alone or in a party with your friends, the game notifies you when competitors for territory appropriate to your ranking to be found.

Once you see a brief data about your opponents, you can make a choice: to stay friends or to attack. Taking your decision, it is possible to bluff and depending on the choice made by each party depends potential gains or losses of each participant.

If you stay friends, you can save the flag and territory, taking advantage of each other's domains. However, if at least one of you has chosen the path of war, then you fight at the junction between territories. If you win, you take possession of a flag and a portion of the enemy's territory.

As a result

If your choice is right you expand your territory increasing profit from owning it. But if you die a few times in a row you have to land on an unexplored area again.

The longer you manage to survive and maintain control over the territory, the greater your reward is. Your friends can join you at any time and help to do what is impossible for loner, in turn, you are can surprise them with your discoveries.

Fights with the enemies improve your combat skills to perfection and ensure the dominance of your clan. The stronger and more powerful you become, the more important and dangerous will be your mission and influence among the other players will grow.

In the game, all the elements are interrelated so a systemic approach and constant improvement of your strategy is the key to victory. However, what your journey has in store for you can change everything.

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