Main features

4 launching races with their own features, and 12 initial characters, 3 per each race, every with unique capabilities

Total 216 unique abilities - 6 per each tactic. The effectiveness of abilities based on the parameters of the character and his wargear

The system of variable roles, allowing to increase the benefit from the retention and use of own territory as long as possible

Starter set of 52 cards of lands to generate the landing territory. 12 customizable structures affecting gameplay and tactics in PvE and PvP battles.

Partially destructible terrain, and use of the territory for tactical purposes, as well as for the extraction of resources and valuable elements

4 groups of distinctive opponents. Each group has a unique strategy for expansion and suppression of Player

Unique crafting, giving the opportunity to specify the characteristics of the final item, its purpose and functionality

System of interaction with occasional game characters, revealing the history of the universe (sometimes complicating or facilitating the passage)

multiclass combinations up to 5 classes at the highest level: 18 classes and 36 tactics (every class has from 1 to 3 subclasses, which we call tactics)

96 different recipes of armored spacesuits - created exclusively via crafting. Random generation of loot: weapons, modules, implants, cybernetic parts

The possibility of hiring mercenaries from refugees to increase the combat potential of your fighting squad. Starting 12 types of mercenaries with self-leveling system.

The ability to build structures that influence the properties of the lands. Thereby regulate autonomous system of life simulation in your best interest.

PVP confrontation for territory expansion and improvements to key tactical structures. Partial need for a group passing of own territory

Artificial intelligence is able to efficiently manage groups of enemies where every being does not want to die in vain

36 elements with their own will and unique features for crafting of top wargear in the universe in terms of the science of the last days

A brand new combat and role-playing system - the result of rethinking challenges and advantages of the current popular RPGs to make a long-awaited step in that field

You play with the world
and the world plays
with you

Checkpoints retain your progress on the way towards the center of disaster destroying the planet. Depending on what creatures, lands and anomalies you discover in your journey, originates generation of a unique surface every time you land. In the world of DESCENDANTS everything interacts with each other. So you may encounter a great threat as well as incredible reward on your path. The world will not let you get bored constantly challenging you with new tasks.


Use what you can change
overcoming what
you can’t change

Success of your survival and advancement lies in the correct tactical decisions on surrounding area and coordinated group actions. Send your friends request to support, surprise them with your discoveries and improve mastery in battles together. However, be careful because you are not safe from clashes with hostile players. Success in battle depends on your ability to act and craft according to the current situation.


we aspire

We believe that it is possible to reduce toxicity of cooperative play thanks to the system of exchangeable roles. Role-based component is not a duty but a free choice - an occasion to thank the other players.

Role system and gameplay were originally created for a varied team play and mutual counteraction. The depth gradually increases using simple controls and intuitive mechanics.

Saving you time we instantly immerse you into the action in a completely unexplored world full of incredibly thrilling ideas. Heroes set to the maximum extreme conditions and mechanics tells the story itself.

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