• The main challenge for us is to create a battle sandbox, where all the elements, without exception, serve as a means of inexhaustible self expression and inspiration for all fans of RPGs and MOBAs.

        Experienced players who are fed up with the standard mechanics of role-playing games will find in WARSMITHS a lot of completely new mechanics and ways to experiment with the combat system. Being ourselves the old fans of role-playing games we are primarily want to give you the opportunity to go beyond the usual and be surprised with your discoveries.

      • The whole atmosphere and the gameplay is centered around the priority task for us - to give you experience an Epic Journey. You exile. The path of battlesmith - the only way to return to the Circle of the Order - the last area of safety and law in the universe of the last days. You have virtually no external assistance being under storm of raging anomalies surrounding the dying planet.

        Therefore, the skills of quantum crafting provide you with all the necessary technologies that enable you along with other exiles to wage war against the forces that threaten peace in the universe. Survive due to your unique skills and gain the victory, to get pardon from Grand Lords of humanity and return home.

      • You can attain tremendous power thanks to your abilities and lead the surviving inhabitants of the planet. Like a warlord with his army, you capture the planet's territory and strategic targets and create the necessary conditions to advance deeper into the realm.

        The strategic side of the game feels like a cross between Sid Meier's Civilization and the Mount and Blade. Tactical battles for territory similar in mood and dynamics to MOBA games, but without the inherent problems of this genre.

      • In general, the gameplay is as follows: Choose a character. Select cards with lands from which you want the landing area should consist of. After landing first provide yourself with the necessary resources and the influx of mercenaries. Having accumulated enough power to break through, conquer the lands around the landing capsule and expand your territory.

        Having seized a small amount of lands, you can set another harvester or access new mercenaries for your squad. By capturing a large amount of lands you can move deeper into the planet and thus fix your progress. When you die, the next time you will be able to land on the more dangerous and advantageous area of the planet.

      • The longer you manage to stay on the surface, the more benefits you get from territorial development. Almost the whole territory under your control can be recycled into resources or modified according to your strategic goals. However, by exploring the area you increase not only the amount of valuable places, but the overall resistance of the semi-intelligent planet attempting to banish you.

        PvE expansion periodically replaced by PvP confrontation for the most valuable sites, where the winner receives them as a reward. That is, by defeating other players you can get the best lands, which will not only facilitate the passage but also will allow to gain experience and craft more efficiently.

      • You constantly have to determine the best location for the impending battle. Why do you need this fight? How many resources it will cost you? What strategic benefit you get from this? In combat, you will continue to solve logic tasks: where you move? How to spend the energy efficiently and for what purpose? How to use the enemy's vulnerabilities and gain synergy from your own capabilities? ...

        In addition to the purely rational choice, you have a huge potential to improve your own fighting skills. Accustomed to the battle system, you can get more benefit from teamwork and experiments with the synergy of possible combinations of abilities within group members. All this and artificial intelligence that does not want to die in vain offer a huge variety inside the battle sandbox.

      • On how you fight depends your reward, and the quality of the generated loot, among which may be even artifacts. In addition to the specific items of equipment, an important part of the finds are valuable elements received as award for won battles or extracted from the bowels of the planet. Elements - a material for crafting, where you can fully apply your creativity, self-determining the characteristics and nature of the use of your battle spacesuit.

        Victories over the really challenging opponents give you the opportunity to increase your level and acquire new skills, and the destruction of ordinary opponents enhance your skills and will allow to adjust your combat tactics. Regardless of the power of enemies, battles constantly train you greatly increasing the strength of the current abilities. You will be able to fully control the whole process according to your needs, gradually increasing the power and influence of your own character according to your plan.

      • As the game progresses you will discover new lands, visit interesting places and learn about DESCENDANTS universe through various sources. Exploring uncontrolled territory, plan priority objectives for further capture. Along the way, you meet and rescued quest characters, fundamentally affecting their lives, becoming friends or enemies.

        In the medium term, these actions greatly affect your passage. We want to surprise you. All players taking part in the same operation against the apostates’ centers of resistance. So sometimes, you will get special assignments and participate in public events, which make the gameplay focused, and affect the global course of events.

      • Careful rethinking of all the best in our favorite role-playing systems from board games to modern MOBA hits resulted in the creation of a new role system named DNA. Creation of DNA from scratch primarily needed for solving contradictions within the existing role-playing systems, such as: the toxicity of teamplay, problems with match making, negative forms of behavior encouraged by mechanics, conflicts over limited resources and hence the inequality of roles, difficulty of mastering and memorizing the counter-tactics for the numerous characters items and so on, the limited variability of strategies and behaviors as a result of binding to the archetypes characters, self-expression limited by cosmetic means rather than unique fighting styles, no hospitality to newcomers, the prevalence of reactions rather than thinking of the situation, updates making ineffective developed tactics, power creep and other devaluation of previous content, game lags due to the inability of simulation of disconnected ones and so on…

        Of course we have to go lengthy balancing of numerical values of abilities, equipment and other items with your help, but in terms of teamwork, counterplay, interconnections - system is balanced. The advantage of the DNA role system is to unprecedentedly long remain interesting for testing in an attempt to create the best strategy to win. The system looks very simple and straightforward, but has a very great depth, and the potential for research. This is our favorite part of the game.

      • Despite the fatigue of players from the same arena in MOBA games, in terms of game design, there is no sense in diversity. The fact that the MOBA dynamics very closely tied to the gameplay dilemmas that the existing three-way balanced map puts before the player.

        Therefore, the procedural diversity of the planet that exists in our game, possible and achievable only because the territory is an independent part of a completely different combat system.The combat system and tactics of decision-making is based on the dynamically changing landscape and variability of game objects and structures.

        That is, only the creation from scratch of a role system can enable to make battle arena infinitely varied, without sacrificing balance, gaming purposes, and intriguing dynamics. In addition to diversity, procedurally generated arena (ie the surface of the planet, where you have to travel and fight) allows you to get rid of a number of problems with toxicity of group play (arising as a consequence of competition for a limited resource).

      • Crafting, role-playing system, combat system, system of surface generation and structures - all systems interact and can be focused on the same goal, complementing each other. All this in order to saturate gameplay with regular meaningful decisions, the consequences of which give you adjust your subsequent play and improve your results.

        Our game is primarily for those who like systemic attitude to gameplay with the possibility of continuous self improvement. In short, you constantly faced with the choice regardless of your activities within the game, relying on familiar patterns and personal experience. Moreover, the more experienced you become, the more important the supporting subsystems of the game (crafting, lands, buildings) to gain advantage over opponents.


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