In the case of multiple deaths, you will find yourself on an orbital space station, and will not be able to return to the controlled territory, nonetheless your progress will be saved and you will land at a new place, located closer to the epicenter of the disaster. This mechanics every time allows you to use your experience in the generation of a more optimal area, as well as balancing clans confrontation.
PVE victories allow you to use your territory most effective way, and PVP victories expand its borders and hold it from encroachments of other players. However, the most important outcome of retention of the greatest possible area is the value of extracted resources, which benefit all of your clan members.
Recruit mercenaries of the survivors who were previously sent to explore the area, and to raise their level. The enemy will tremble under the new forces.
A radical way to deal with the situation may be forging of a new armor optimized for victory over the enemy, or the survival in the current area. Either change of modules or weapon will be enough.
Having studied the enemy, you can choose more optimal abilities and tactics to take advantage of his vulnerability the next time. If your own efforts are not enough to turn the tide in your favor call on friends for help.
Destruction of the enemies and their temples will give you access to new lands where can be placed arks for survivors, which increase the rate of recruits growth replenishing your squad.
Every 9 conquered lands allow you the right to summon a harvester from the orbit. A place of its landing and rate of growth of extracted resources depend on you. Resources is the game currency, as well as materials for crafting and improvements.
Victories in battles make you stronger and more influential in your clan. Along with the victories grows your rank and opponents are getting stronger. But the most important thing is that with experience grows your skills and ability to win.

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